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Q.  How do I know if a property is still available?  

A.  If a home is appearing on our website, the home is available. As soon as a home has an approved application, it will be removed from our website.


Q. How do I apply for a home?

A.  To apply for one of our properties you can visit our website at: wwww.gateway2pm.com and either fill your application out online under the tenant application tab or download a printable application and fax it in to 703 483 3536.


Q.  How long does it take to process my application?

A.  Processing time can vary but normally takes less than 3 business days.  Some special circumstances may require a little more time. (applicant is notified.)


Q. Do you check credit or anything else during the application process?

A. A complete background check is done including credit, criminal, rental, and employment history of the applicant and is reviewed with the application. Pay stibs for the last 60 days are required and copies of drivers licenses are required. 


Q.  Do you consider applicants with non perfect credit?

A. Credit is important to our application process, however, it is not the only thing we look at.  If an application is outside our set parameters and requires special approval then it may also require an additional month as a security deposit. If there are multiple applications on a property then the best qualified, strongest applicant will be selected. 


Q. How much does it cost to apply and is it refundable? 

A.  The application fee is $45.00 per adult applicant. The fee is non refundable.


Q. What do I need to turn in with my application? 

A.  A tenant must submit a completely filled out application, paystubs and the application fee before an application will be reviewed.


Q.  Do you accept section 8? 

A.  Some of our homes accept the section 8 voucher but not all. Please call Trancito Laureano at 703 652 5717 to find out if the home you are interested in accepts the voucher.


Q. Can you hold a rental property for me? 

A. We do not hold properties. When an applicant is approved he or she must sign a lease no later than 3 calendar days from the approval date.


Q. Is the rental price negotiable?

A. Our rental properties are priced at the fair market rent or below. Generally, the rents are not negotiable.


Q.  Once approved when do I sign the lease?

A.  The lease is prepared and sent to you or your agent within 2 business days of your application being approved and you and / or your agent have 3 calendar days to return the signed lease and security deposit back to the office.


Q. What do you need me to turn in with my lease?

A. Your security deposit and any pet deposit (when applicable) is due back with your lease. Certified Funds ONLY.


Q. How much is the security deposit?

A. Typically it is one month's rent but can be as high as two month's depending on the applicant's approval.


Q. Do you allow pets?

A. Pets are accepted on a case by case basis. Please contact us to find out if your pet is ok for the home you are interested in. 


Q. If pet is approved, what is the pet deposit?

A. The pet deposit is $350.00 per pet.


Q. Is there a repair deductible / service call fee on this property and if so, how much?

A. There is a repair deductible / service call fee on all of our properties and it is $60.00.


Q.  When is my rent late?

A. Rent is late if received after the 5thof the month and the late fees apply.


Q.  If I pay my rent late, what is the late fee?

A.  The late fee is 5% of your monthly rent.


Q. Do you accept rent payments online?

A.  We accept payments online at www.gateway2pm.com you will need to log into your tenant portal to make this payment. If you do not have a tenant portal access, notify us immediately. 


Q. Do I get a walkthrough report of the home by the Property Manager at move in? 

A.  A thorough walkthrough of the home will be performed prior to you moving into the home. A report will be posted to your tenant portal for your records, A hard copy may be obtained from our management office if you would like one.  


Q. How do I obtain keys? 

A. Tenant is welcomed to stop by the office after 12pm the day before move in or anytime the day of move in.  Keys, garage door openers etc will be provided then.   


Q.  When do I have to transfer utilities? 

A. Tenants are responsible for scheduling the transfer of utilities as soon as the lease is signed and they must be active in the tenant's name before move in. Proof of utility transfer must be submitted at the walkthrough in order for keys to be provided to the tenant.


Q.  Do I have time to report problems once I have moved in? 

A.  You are allowed 5 calendar days from your move in date to report any new additional issues you find at the home. You will not be charged the service call fee for items reported during these 5 days. You must report this in writing.


Q.  What do I do if I have to report a maintenance issue?

A.  The best way to report any maintenance issue is on our website.  www.gateway2pm.com If you have a maintenance issue that is life threatening, please call 911. Please be sure to report emergencies on the portal as well.  


Q. What are your office hours?

A. Our office hours are Monday through Friday 9am to 5pm but our website tenant portal is available 24/7.


Q. How do I report and emergency?

A. If you have an emergency (such as fire, lack of Heat in extreme temperatures, burst water pipe, etc) please place a service request on your tenant portal and send a text message to 571 641 0835. 


Q. How often do you do inspections?

A. Inspections are done every 6 months.  Our inspections agents will contact you with the time and date of your inspection, notice is given so that you can attend, however if it is not mandatory that you be there. If inspections agent does not hear back than the owner and inspections agent may perform the inspection without you. Our inspectors that will be reaching out to you are Courtney Hamner, Tracy Sanders and Yvette Cabrera. 


Q. What are you looking for during inspections?

A. During an inspection the agent will walk the property to ensure all fixtures, and appliances are in working order and the house is in good condition.  The agent will take pictures and make notes for the file. The owner may or may not be present.


Q. How long before my lease expires should I notify you of my intentions to renew or not?

A. We require a 60 notice of your intention to renew your lease or not.



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